Life at BJU is like no other—

And we've got the footage to prove it!

In February 2013, we asked BJU students, faculty and staff to grab their cameras and record their day from home to classroom and back again. Through their stories they captured an authentic glimpse of what life is like at BJU. Get ready for a 13-minute documentary that gives you an inside look at college life through their eyes.

Bonus footage

Teaser 1

Teaser #1

Hi, my name is…

Teaser 2

Teaser #2

Are you for real?


Bonus Footage

The weather in this documentary

About the project

Q All the video footage shows kind of cold and rainy weather. Is that what it’s normally like in Greenville?
A No. The weather can be a bit temperamental, but our fall and spring are generally sunny and warm. We just happened to do this project in February before the semester got too busy for students.

Q How come we see a lot of guys and not as many girls?
A Well, our participation in the project was 48% guys and 52% girls, and we used footage from both. We just had more guys who chose to put themselves in front of the camera! (We’re guessing the girls were more camera-shy?) For example, one of our contributors who submitted a large amount of great footage was Christi Dean. She makes a cameo appearance at the end of teaser 2.

Q Who was able to participate?
A Any student or faculty/staff member who had the time and a camera of some sort.

Q So, who did participate?
A We had a little over 600 clips and 8 hours of footage submitted mostly from 70 students and 13 faculty/staff members. The student videographers represented 36 majors, 26 societies, 22 U.S. states and one foreign country (Canada). Not bad, eh?

Q I shot footage for this but never submitted it. Do you still want it?
A Sure! Let us know through the contact form and we’ll figure out the best way to get the footage.

Q I’m wondering about something that wasn’t really covered in the documentary. Is there a student who could answer my question?
A We’ll try! Use the contact form to ask your question. We’ll see if one of our contributors would be interested in doing a video answer and we’ll post it on the site.